Fresh flowers add a vibrant touch to gatherings and indoor spaces.  Just as local, in-season food has become an important part of people’s lives, local seasonal flowers also play an essential role.  In supporting local flower farms, you are saying NO to the unsustainable and toxic practices of the flower import industry.  Thanks for your support!

I offer both creative custom flower arrangements and bulk flowers for purchase. There is a wide variety of flower availability in my field throughout the summer and into the fall.  I grow many obscure and interesting perennial and annual flowers that create unique additions to arrangements. Contact me for a current list of flowers available at the time of your wedding or event.

Another great opportunity for folks who wish to receive bouquets on a weekly basis for homes and businesses is to become a member of my Flower CSA.  This CSA will be a 15 week long offering of a bouquet every Friday beginning in mid-June through September delivered to a drop site or your home. Contact me for more information and to sign up!


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